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Chocolate Pear Pudding

Another unusual sounding combination that creates a rather unique and tasty pudding. A recipe from my mothers cookbook.


1 cup flour

1T cocoa

½-¾ cup milk

½tsp Vanilla essence

1 egg

pinch salt

¾ cup brown sugar

3tsp baking powder

¼ cup butter

2-3 firm pears, poached

¼ cup nuts (*optional)


Beat butter & sugar, add beaten egg. Sift dry ingredients and add alternatively with milk to butter mix. Add essence.


1 cup brown sugar

2T cocoa

1-1¼ cups water

Stir together till boiling.

Put pears in the bottom of a 10″ greased round dish, add batter. Pour sauce over and sprinkle chopped nuts over.

Bake +- 35min @ 180.

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