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There is a new FREE, you know the kind where to get the FREE you need to do something first, like filling a survey or most often buying a product, then and only then do you get your FREE whatever.

The old meaning was based on the dictionary definition and meant Free, without constraint, without payment, without conditions.

Personally I prefer the old Free and take offence to the new FREE. I actually consider it “a deception for personal gain” or otherwise known as fraud.

Would all fraudsters please stand up!
Extract from askoxford.com


• adjective (freer, freest) 1 not under the control or in the power of another. 2 permitted to take a specified action. 3 not or no longer confined, obstructed, or fixed. 4 not subject to engagements or obligations. 5 not occupied or in use. 6 (free of/from) not subject to or affected by. 7 available without charge. 8 generous or lavish. 9 frank and unrestrained. not subject to the normal conventions; improvised. (of a translation or interpretation) conveying only the broad sense; not literal.

• adverb without cost or payment.

• verb (frees, freed, freeing) 1 make free; release. 2 make available.

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