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A letter written in response to Go Banking’s boasts of not increasing fees.

Yeah! Yeah!

Quit patting yourselves on the back and smell the stale roses and cold coffee. YES! you “steal” less from the South African people than many others but theft is still theft. Watch as Virgin’s (Sir Richard Branson) shake up the banking, cellphone, home loan and other sectors.

Sir Richard spoke recently about wanting to come into the South African market for years but basically he has been held at bay by BIG business making BIG profits.

I predict that banking costs will continue to fall as will call charges. Chat to anyone who has lived abroad and they will mostly tell you we are being “ripped off”.

Keep trying but don’t try con me into thinking you have my best interests at heart.

Will there ever be any retribution, re-payment of fees or should I say return of stolen goods and how is the Government part of this corruption?

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