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The Marketing Departments New English Dictionary

This dictionary by it’s very own definition is subject to change. The meanings of words will be “enhanced” to get more mileage from them.

Language is supposed to evolve not degrade with time. I am finding that marketing and advertising executives are destroying the meaning in people’s mind of words.

I am not trying to single anyone out as I do think that the trend is part of marketing/advertising market manipulation.

I will be adding bits and pieces here from time to time when some advert pisses me off enough to do some ranting about it.

The Marketing Departments New English Dictionary

We seem to be trying to artificially boost the perception of value so we can sell our product for more while supplying less, more or less.

A particular trend that get’s my blood boiling is labelling products as Organic or Strawberry, even though there may only be 1% organic and the Strawberry is artificial.


actual: adjective not limited or restricted; infinite.

Virgin Mobile: limited by the small print
All original meaning are taken from askoxford.com


actual:noun (pl. blueberries) the small blue-back berry of a North American dwarf shrub.

Blueberry Icecream, can’t remember make at the moment – No Blueberries where harmed in the making of this Blueberry Icecream

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