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Monitor monitor!

  1. Clean your monitor
  2. Maximise your CRT’s refresh rate

Cleaning Your Monitor

Especially if you are using a CRT monitor. Small specs of dust cling to the slightly static monitor and cause your vision to shift between focusing on the image and the dirt.This gets more nticable if your monitor is one of the really heavily built thick glass types i.e. bigger than 17″.

Eye strain and tiredness are results of this focus shifting and sometimes even headaches.

Don’t use too much fluid or it may get into the electronic’s and you’ll then have a real headache.

Maximizing Refresh Rate

While your at it set your refresh rate to the max your graphics card and monitor will handle at the resolution you currently run.

In XP right-click on the desktop, select Properties, Settings, Advanced, Monitor, in the Screen refresh rate dropdown select the highest value available, then click Apply.

Windows will change your refresh settings and then asks if you want to accept them, click Keep Settings if you are happy with the result.

TIP: If for some reason your monitor goes garbled wait for 15 seconds and the changes will be reset. Try the next lowest refresh rate until your monitor looks good.

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