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Telkom & Government Fraud

This is the beginnings of a challenge to the South African Government & Telkom to rectify the fraud committed on the South African public.
Fraud: a deception made for personal gain.

As far as I am aware the South African people paid for the infrastructure that Telkom now abuses. South Africa has one of the most expensive telecommunications sectors on the planet. Especially when you compare telecommunications as a percentage of average income.

Who authorised the handover of the South African peoples assets to Telkom and how have we, the people of South Africa, been paid for our goods.

The only way the people of South Africa can halt Telkom’s government sanctioned monopoly is to reclaim what rightfully belongs to us.

Apparently the SAT-3 and SAFE international data cables that connect us to the rest of the globe were paid for by taxpayers.

How can Government as an agency sanction a monopoly that rips off the people of South Africa?

We the people need to stand together and demand the return of what is rightfully ours.

In whose interest is ICASA, really operating?

Ironically – if you bought Telkom shares you have now paid twice for the same goods.

Our communication infrastructure is what connects individuals, businesses and all peoples of this country. If this ability to connect is hampered, this has a direct affect on our ability to do business. How does the government expect business and the people of South Africa to thrive when our communication is hampered.

Perhaps COSATU was right in saying that the ANC is turning into a dictatorship, as Government owns just under 40% of Telkom.

On behalf of the South African public I lay claim to what has been stolen from us. I suggest that everything paid for by the South African public is placed in trust and managed for the benefit of all South Africans.

Prevention of Corrupt Activities Act

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