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The solution to all your problems – New Street Names

Why is it that everything these days is political!?!

What’s most important?!?

Unemployment, crime, homelessness and our peoples overall well-being OR wasting millions putting a bunch of mostly dead peoples names up in lights?

What is this going to cost?

New maps, letterheads, business cards, stationary. Anything with an old address becomes obsolete.

Renaming a street is like renaming a disease, the old disease seems to be gone and yet we still suffer from all the same symptoms.

What happens when we get a new government, will they then waste millions changing them all again? Face it giving a street, a persons name is going to become political at some point.

By the way what is the common cause that these people stood for? Freedom, equality, peace? I mean is this the best plan our municipality can come up with to solve the problems that exist in PMB and South Africa as a whole?

How come it seems like the people of Maritzburg seem to have no say on this matter?

Should we not have the facts and then put it to the vote before wasting possible millions?

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