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Your Answers Questioned

On thought

I presume “your” thoughts come from “your” mind?!?

Lets see shall we, please stop thinking for the next 60 seconds and certainly don’t think about how to stop thinking or pink iPod’s. Can you do this? No, well then whose mind is it, if “you” do not have control over it how can you call it yours…?

Next, please explain to me step by step how you construct a “thought”, come on now, you say they are yours and yet you don’t know how to form one, hmmm. Why would we need to control the buggers, thoughts that is, if they where ours. How are we creating our lives again? With thoughts we don’t control and don’t know how to create, hmmm?!? Thoughts use memory as their foundation. Memory is past. So thought is always of the past. Not generative.

On Vibration

Please show me a positive and then a negative vibration?

On Mind

Your fears only exist in your mind. This is only your fears of death of self. Your body generates what we call fears in response to physical danger, this is a momentary warning to something tangible. “What is wrong with right now unless you think about it?” Sailor Bob

On Choice

What is choice to start with? From Wikipedia: “Choice consists of that mental process of thinking involved with the process of judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one for action.”

Can I make a choice if what I am choosing is unknown to me?

Does choice imply knowledge of? i.e. What would you rather have a Sprog or Feegle? Now unless you read Terry Pratchett and/or have some Scottish influence you will not know what either of these are.

Or does choice imply awareness or knowledge of what is being chosen?

Face it, our so called choices are limited to start with. Limited by our location, we can only choose what is of earth. Limited by our culture, we can only choose what our language allows. Limited by what is known to us, i.e. from memory. If choices are from memory, which is past then how can that truly be choice when I have already lived it?

On God

God is a creation of man brought into existence to explain why the sun comes up in the morning. The most anyone can say about God is that he, she, it is un-knowable. The belief that God who by most religions definition is Omni-everything, Omni-potent, Omni-scient, Omni-present, Omni-benevolent.

How could a God that is all this want or need anything from us? How could a God of the magnitude get angry at what we do?

My logic: If God is Omni-everything, can I do something that God doesn’t want me to do? If so, I by inference must be more powerful than God by the very fact that I can do something he can’t or doesn’t want, and this is not “arrogant”.

When last did a eyebrow mite “piss you off”? And I mean only one! I can promise you the scale of God to us is a little bigger than us to a single atom and yet we arrogantly claim “I can piss God off!”.

Do you get angry with your children and condemn them for any single action? No, yet God, the supposedly biggest thing there does this all the time. I suggest that religion has made God small, petty, snivelling and childish.

On Truth

Can absolute truth be known? Would you agree that, absolute truth is timeless? What truth can you say you know today that you feel will be forever? Is there anything or is it true that all the “truths” you have held dear have died or mutated as your understanding expands?

On Health

Is health, the absence of dis-ease? Can you define some-“thing” by the absence of another “thing”? Or does health incorporate dis-ease as a path to deeper wellness?

On Self

We talk about our-selves as though we are looking from some other point/location. Who is loving themselves unconditionally? Loving implies some-thing to love, are you 2 things that you can love yourself? Is love a doing? Something you have choice over?


Can we truly live when we are slaves? Slaves to all our ideas of what should and shouldn’t be. Slaves to all the systems that this thinking has created.

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