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As It Is In Heaven DVD (Så som i himmelen)

I recommend this movie wholeheartedly and I think most people will enjoy it unless your stuck on Hollywood Blockbusters.

I watched this DVD recently with a group of friends and loved every moment of it.

What appealed to me particularly was mostly that the characters where real, distinct and believable. None of Hollywoods, hype, stereotypes or Fairytales.

The movie by Swedish Director Kay Pollock and

Here are some of the quotes from the movie that resonated with me particularly.

A confrontation with Stig (Pastor & Inger’s Husband) after Inger (Stig’s Wife & Choir Member) returns from a Choir Party at the Church Hall.

Stig: I know it all!
Inger: You know it all?

Stig: Yes!
Inger: Nothing’s happened.

Stig: You expose your breasts in the congregation hall and this is nothing?

Inger: I was a bit tipsy, dancing . . .

Stig: Sin has descended . . .
Inger: Stop it!

Stig: Inger, you have sinned! On church premises!

Inger: Now I’m going to say something I’ve wanted to say for a long time. Something that’s plagued me
for 20 years. There is no sin.
All this damn talk about sin! It only exists in your head.

Stig: What!
Inger: There is no sin.

Stig: ”There is no sin?” Think of what you’re saying!

Inger: I have thought. The church invented sin.
Handing out guilt with one hand then offering redemption with the other.
It’s all a lie, hot air, to suppress people, to gain power.

Stig: Silence! Ask for God’s forgiveness!

Inger: God doesn’t forgive, don’t you get that!
Because he’s never condemned.

Stig: Silence!
Inger: Try to be humble, Stig.

Stig: (Shouting) I am humble!

[Inger walks into lounge and reaches behind books on the bookshelf, pulls out a pile of porn magazines and throws them on the floor.]

Inger: You think I didn’t know about it? For years I’ve known you’ve had your pictures here. You’ve come out here before we’ve made love. . .

To have a look. . . Black stockings, high boots, bottoms. . . To get stimulated . It’s all right, Stig . But don’t condemn others.

Stig: Inger, God hears you.

Inger: He hears and he smiles, you can bet on it. The church has made a sin of sexuality. God hasn’t. You’ve had a need, you haven’t hurt anyone by it.

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