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Panasonic Pro Curve ES4025 s – Mens Rechargeable Shaver

Panasoni Pro Curve ES4025 s
Panasonic Pro Curve ES4025 s

I recently bought the Panasonic Pro Curve on special from Nashua Online for R329 including shipping. The unit arrived very promptly and after unwrapping and its first 16hr charge (needs 8hrs to charge subsequently, gives roughly 7 shaves).

I sent this email to Panasonic

I bought one of these recently through Nashua Online and am generally happy with the way it works. It doesn’t work though if I have more than 2 days growth. Then it seems like the hairs are too long and don’t get pushed through the screen to be cut. I quite often don’t shave for 3 days and then I have to revert to my Mach 3 before I can use the Pro curve again.

and got the following response:

Just a short intro to Electronic shaving: in order for electronic shaving to work properly you have to use it everyday for a period of 3 to 4 weeks preferably wet shaving.

The Panasonic electric shaving during this open period will change the direction of how your hair grows so that you can get a close and clean shave. Once this is obtained then you will continuously get that clean close shave.  As a result I recommend that you follow this principal first then maybe you can skip your shaving period.

Hopefully this explains why you are getting not so satisfactory shaving once you skip shaving and using razor shaving.  Please note this information is also available in your instruction manual.

Happy shaving.

Independently Floating Double heads

To follow the contours of yourface

8800rmp motor

For close shaving and fast shave

Wet & Dry Shaving and Washable

For smooth and close comfortable shaves and ease rinse under tap water

Pop-up trimmer

For small hairs and side burns

Ergonomic Design & Rubberised Grip

For easy hold

Weight and Dimensions

155g (H)14.6 cm x (W) 5.7cm x (D) 4.9 cm


· Compact charger

· Cleaning Brush

· Travel Pouch


1 year

Official Site

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