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President’s Accountability / Responsibility / Transparency

I was just contemplating the damage Robert Mugabe has done to what is an amazing country and his countrymen. All though this is focused around Robert it applies to all individuals seeking power and to rule.

What if anyone in government was not allowed to leave the country they governed. Would Bob be making different choices if he had nowhere to run and hide and no-one to welcome him and his stolen billions with open arms. Would he be pillaging and raping his country if he had to face the consequences thereof.

What would happen if tomorrow Robert’s brought back the billions and started to rebuild his home?

How is it that other countries can harbor him and his money without consequence?

Will those countries that have blocked him from living there return the assets to the people of Zimbabwe or take them for themselves?

You don’t shit on your own doorstep. Or if you do you live with the consequences until it’s cleaned up.

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