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Windows Live Writer and WordPress

I use Windows Live Writer v2008 (WLW) to edit and create new pages for my WordPress (WP) blog. And I use it to enable my clients, who are often technologically challenged to be able to create new and edit old posts/pages.

Okay, it’s not perfect, but it really makes managing your blog simple for the technological peasant.

WARNING – when installing Windows Live Writer v2008

When installing Windows Live Writer v2008 you will need an active internet connection. Click “Get Windows Live” on the download page, another page loads with all Windows Live products listed and selected.

Watch out as WLW will try change your default search engine to Live Search, change your homepage to MSN Home and try to force you to install other Windows Live applications, including Messenger, Mail, Toolbar & Photo Gallery.

Make sure you unselect these options.

Personally I don’t like being force-fed Microsoft propaganda.

The initial 2.29MB download is only a Installer, which then runs off and download’s the full version’s of whatever you left selected.

Common Mickeysoft, stop trying to dictate to your users.


Setting up a WordPress Blog in Windows Live Writer

Go here to download Windows Live Writer

Install the software and then run it.
* Make sure you are connected to the web
* In the task bar, click “Weblog”, then select “Add Weblog Account…”.
* Click “Another weblog service” then “Next”
* Now fill in your website details e.g. https://handshake.co.za, then your WordPress username and password, click “Next”.
* Select “Yes” when asked if you want WLW to detect style (doesn’t always work but is great when it does) another “Yes” to allow a temporary page to be written to your blog
* Click “Finish”
Now click open, select posts or pages, and select how many to display. Open any post or page for editing, when done click “Publish”.

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