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Creating Posts & Pages in Windows Live Writer

To start you should have some idea of what Posts and Pages are so you know which to create.

Posts are great for information that is date specific and degrades with time. News and stories tend to fall in this category because as time goes by they become less relevant.

Pages on the other hand are for information that is static, even though it may need updating from time to time. Pages can also be displayed as static links on your homepage to keep information easy to find.

<a title=”{WLW}Windows Live Writer – New Page” href=”https://www.handshake.co.za/wp-content/uploads/wordpress-new-page.jpg”><img title=”Windows Live Writer – New Page” src=”https://www.handshake.co.za/wp-content/uploads/wordpress-new-page.thumbnail.jpg” alt=”Windows Live Writer – New Page” width=”128″ height=”41″ align=”right” /></a>Click “New” to create a new Post, click on the down arrow to open up the New Page menu.

Type your new post and then add necessary formatting.

Paste (Ctrl+V) or Paste Special (Ctrl+Shift+V) text into WLW from other sources, Paste Special allows you to strip all previous formatting or thin the previous formatting (remove unnecessary formatting tags from say Word).

Set Category or Categories (lower left corner)

Set Post/Page Date (lower right corner)

To set Author Name, Comments (Open or Closed), Pings (Allow or Deny), Slug, Password, Excerpt or Trackback press “F2”, opens Properties, then select relevant settings.

To break your Article up so that your page will display a snippet and the “Read the rest of this entry”.

Click the “Split Post” button, this inserts the <code><!–more-></code> tag, after a snippet of your story. Don’t worry if it’s not in the perfect spot, you can move it around.

“Shift-F11” takes you to HTML Code Layout View.

“F12” takes you to Web Preview, if WLW managed to download your sites template it can show you exactly what your post or page will look like.

Happy with how it all looks, click “Publish”, or “Save Draft” if you still need to work on your article before pushing to your website.

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