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e-mail hints & tips

Suggestions, hint’s and tips on how to get  the most from your mail and hopefully reduce the volume of global spam.

Subject Matters

Please, please, please with cherries on top,  put a subject next time, my overprotective anti-virus software doesn’t like e-mail without a subject, I think it has taken this whole war on terrorism thing a little too far.

Not only does my anti-virus software not like it, but I can tell you the people who get heaps of mail, tend to kill mail’s without subjects and ask questions later.

So if you want your mail read, give it an enticing title.

Subject’s in mails also make it easier for me to find the really important stuff 2 months, or 2 years down the line.

BCC – Blind Carbon Copy

To help reduce the volumes of spam you and those around you receive. Let’s make it unprofitable to flood people’s mailboxes with junk mail, I mean how many penis enlargements do I need, would’nt that make just a bigger dick or just more cocky? I’m too young for Viagra, not interested in fancy watches that promise to bring me the woman of my dreams.

How to setup Outlook Express and others to send BCC.

Inspired by – my friend Brigid sending me a mail without a subject and my mail-scanning software advising me that it could be a virus and wanting to delete it.

BCC Bit: Sam, Graham

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