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Garmin GPS Upgrade

I helped a friend of mine upgrade his Garmin nüvi 200W to the latest maps. Initially I had a problem getting the GPS to start once the update had run. Eventually I only loaded a couple of map areas to test and it then worked.

If you receive an error message stating, “There is not enough free space on your Garmin GPS. You need an additional XX MB on your Garmin GPS for the application to continue.”, please follow these steps to free up more space on your nüvi 200 or nüvi 200W:

  1. Connect the nüvi to the computer with a USB cable.
  2. Find your My Computer icon and double click on it or you may find it in you Start menu and click on it.
  3. Double click on the nüvi() drive listed under devices with removable storage.
  4. Double click on the Garmin folder.
  5. Double click on the Voice folder.
  6. Delete any unused voice language (be sure to keep your preferred language).
  7. Return to the Garmin folder. Repeat steps 5-7 with the Text and Help folders.

After the files are deleted, please run the map update again.

Go here http://www.garmap.co.za/ to request the latest 2009 Africa series CD

Download WebUpdater, this will then grab the latest firmware, voice and “POI Loader” upgrades for your Garmin GPS device.

Upgrade your Mapsource software to the latest version (click here to download the latest Mapsource version.

I also found this tutorial for those who are looking to try maps that are not on their GPS. I cannot guarantee this will work as I have not tried it. Use at your own risk. Make sure you have a copy of your current data before playing.

  1. Downoaded map image file GMAPSUPP.IMG. Download also gave me “Use code XXX when generating unlock code for maps”
  2. Downloaded Garmin Unlock Generator 1.3 by JetMouse
  3. Looked on my GPS to find the UnitID
  4. Entered the UnitID into Garmin Unlock Generator. Ignore the GM XT device unlock code and the top Generate button.
  5. Selected Map Product as Custom and entered the code given for the downloaded image file.
  6. Hit the bottom create button to generate a 25 digit code.
  7. Download Img2Gps and run
  8. Click Load Folder to load the image file. Select the tick next to it.
  9. Check the Use Unlock Key option and paste the 25 digit code in.
  10. Load a blank SD card into your Garmin
  11. Connect the Garmin to your PC using a USB cable. You should see two dirves in windows: one is the Garmin and the other is the “Removable Disk” SD card.
  12. Create a folder called “Garmin” on the SD card
  13. Select Folder/Card in Img2GPS
  14. Click “Copy Maps”. Select the folder /Garmin on the SD card. You may need to click copy again.
  15. Upload will take a while.
  16. You should now see a file GMAPSUPP.IMG on the SD card in the /Garmin directory.
  17. Create a new text file called GMAPSUPP.UNL in the same directory (make sure it does not have a hidden .txt extension).
  18. opy the 25 digit unlock key into this file.
  19. Close the file.
  20. Disconnect the Garmin.
  21. On Startup it should load your original maps and the new ones.

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