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How to Report Spam

I’ll be compiling a list of e-mail addresses that you can forward what you consider spam to. Please contact me if you have more info.

We all receive mail that we never signed up for, in fact we’ve become so accustomed to receiving it, most of us are on auto-pilot when it comes to handling spam – we delete it. Although this may seem to be the simplest and most convenient solution, it does nothing about actually addressing the problem.

Indeed, the only way to ensure spam becomes a thing of the past is by confronting it head-on. Learn how to report spam, so you can prevent unsolicited messages from entering not only your inbox. If we all took these simple measures, we could lead the way to stopping spam altogether.

You should send a copy of the offending e-mail to the (ISP) Internet Service Provider that it originated from. Normally, their abuse desk will have the email address abuse@ispname.co.za, or postmaster@ispname.co.za. [ If this email bounces, you can always check out the ISP’s Web site and find where to forward spam messages. ] Hopefully they will look into the issue and shut down the offender saving the world from Spam and freeing up intrnet resources at t he same time. They are usually glad to rid themselves of anyone abusing their systems.

When reporting spam email, send the full header of the email you received. Most email programs have a method of acquiring this information.

Here are the steps you need to take if you use:

Microsoft Outlook

  • Right-click the e-mail in question and click on ‘Properties’
  • Click the ‘Details’ tab, and then ‘Message Source’ – this will make the full header of the email available for viewing. You should then copy and paste this into the body of the email you send for reporting spam.


  • Click View then Headers and All
  • Copy this into the body of the mail you send

If you are unclear on how to retrieve this information, consult your email software’s FAQ page on their website.


Kindly forward you query or complains to abuse(at)telkomsa.net they will gladly assist you further.

Tips & Warnings

  • For information about email headers and how to find a spammer’s ISP using them, check out http://spam.getnetwise.org/action/header/
  • Always include the header information when you are reporting spam email. This is the information the ISP requires in order to stop the spammer and clean up their service.
  • Be cautious of the “from” field on a spammer’s email. This is very easy to forge and you could be complaining to the wrong people about the spammer’s activity.
  • Do not contact a spammer directly to complain. This will let them know the email they have reached is a valid email and may result in more spam instead of less.

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