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Simple and effective exercise

Skipping/Jumping Rope

I recently bought a skipping rope to help strengthen my legs and ankles primarily to help improve my ballroom dancing.

I find skipping a great exercise for the following reasons…

  • Simple – 1 piece of lightweight and compact equipment
  • Fast – you don’t need to do much to work up a sweat, great cardiovsacular workout
  • Cheap – you’ll pay between R20-R50 for a decent rope
  • Portable – take it anywhere, you need a small space to exercise
  • Co-ordination

Get a rope that requires more effort to swing to get more of an upper body workout. A leather rope swings too easily to really stress your upper body.

Try some variations for a more complete workout

  • Both Legs – jump with both legs at the same time
  • Alternate Leg – running on the spot
  • Arm Crossover – cross your arms in front of you
  • Backwards – co-ords and works back more
  • 1 Leg – do x on one leg and then switch, keep your other leg under, behind or in front of you [only try this once your fit as it puts quite a bit of strain on your knees]

Trojan Nylon Jump Rope

A great cheap rope – light rope means it takes quite some effort to swing which means more exercise.

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