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Eskom – When the lights go out

Eksdom are at it again. The power hungry have lost the plot once again, and once again it is again the South African people that pay the price in more ways than one.

Eskom are, passing the buck, trying to make the South African people take responsibility for its inadequacies with their “How to help keep SA powered up” campaign.

I can see some of their points as it always make’s “cents” to cut usage wherever you can but what gets right up my nose is the fact that Eksdom

  1. Used to function – the only black-outs where due to apartheid
  2. For less – prices climb and yet the customer has to take greater and greater responsibility
  3. Eskom used to belong to the people, it was then stolen from us under some guise
  4. They have a monopoly, can charge what they like and do a, and yet can’t supply

Some errors in their conclusions:

  1. It’s your fault for using “too much” electricity – nothing to do with their inability to supply or manage
  2. Switching off your Geyser will reduce your monthly bill – a fallacy unless your geyser was made in 1920
  3. CFL’s are a better option, the 1st world is throwing out because they contain “Mercury” but we must believe they are good for us. Use LED’s, yes they are expensive but only because they aren’t being sold in volumes yet and remember they last way longer, at least 10x the life of a CFL
  4. “Close your fridge door quickly” – the geniuses at Eksdom’s, would have you believe this is going to affect the national grid

Possible Eksdom solution’s to South Africa’s Power Crisis

  • Blame it on Apartheid – hey this worked for everyone else, we’ll still be using this excuse in 2052, if we survive that long
  • Blame the SA people for using too much
  • Carry a torch – Eksdom will sell you one cheap with rechargeable batteries nogal – sorry you can’t charge it

How are Eskom’s Power Outage’s like Apartheid?

They both keep the blacks-out!

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