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Royal Bullshit

How did the royals become royal?

  • At the point of a sword. No more swords but the people are still shackled to slavery, ignorance and the worship of authority figures that put themselves in the positions of authority to begin with.
  • Is there anything worse than the slavery that is not visible as slavery. Slavery was abolished and yet it lives on in the minds of those who don’t understand equality.

What’s the difference between the royal family and the mafia?

  • The mafia has less inbreeding
  • Marketing
  • The mafia where not ruthless enough

You are aware too that the British Royal Family are not actually British but more German!? Zig Heil

I have no interest in the royals per say, just the mentality that elevates a common person to god status for no real reason.

What’s the difference between God and the Royal family?

God doesn’t think he’s Royal.

  • What colour does the Queen shit?
  • Has she ever picked her nose? Or does she have people for that?

Does the queen get a castle in heaven?

What is the Queen, other than a little old english lady that has a hat fetish?

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