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Slow e-mail collection

Does your e-mail seem to take a long time to start downloading from your server? When last did you login directly to your server to cleanup and messages left on the server?

I recently had a client complaining about very slow e-mail access and occasional timeouts. Admittedly they where still using Outlook Express which does some weird and wonderful things when it comes to mail.

I found that somehow they had over 200 old messages in their inbox from about 2 years ago, I think this might have been due to OE being setup to leave the messages on the server and not delete once deleted from the clients machine.

Anyway I deleted the mails and now OE doesn’t have to run through all those messages before starting to download so it’s running properly once again.

How to remove unwanted mail from your server inbox

You will need access to either Webmail, or your sites cPanel and from their your Webmail.

Login to your Webmail account, your ISP will happily supply you the details and any login passwords you may need, my Webmail server is https://www.handshake.co.za/webmail or https://handshake.co.za:2095 which I think is a cPanel default.
Once logged in you need to go to your inbox to see if any old mail is sitting on the server.

Clear out all the unwanted mail and you should notice a speed improvement in your mail browsers ability to access your mail.

Here is our conversation about my clients mail

Me: Is your mail working better? Quicker to download?

Client: Phew!! Certainly flies through the e-mail check now!! It used to start checking for messages and then hang for about 2 mins! THANKS!! What did you do???
Clever clogs!!

Me: Cleared out old mails still sitting on the server.

Client: Well thanks for that!! Amazing difference!!

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