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What do you know about Hemp?

Do you think legalising the growing of Hemp is a good idea?

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Did you know?!

Hemp facts: according to your’s truly, so some could be urban legend, except the smoking one

  • Smoking Hemp won’t get you high – sorry it’s not Marijuana, Dagga, Durban Poison, Weed, Dope, Dube… it’s just epically better than cotton
  • The original US Constitution was written on Hemp paper – its value seems to have depreciated with the valueing of Hemp
  • The first jeans where made out of Hemp fibre
  • The world was sailed with hemp sails
  • Hemp replaces nutrients and helps balance depleted soils
  • Hemp can be made into plastic

To sign an online petition to legalise industrial hemp usage in South Africa goto http://hempnow.co.za/

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