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Biased Viewpoint

I’m going to use a local example to show how we all have biased viewpoints which we constantly justify to ourselves and others.

Maritzburg College is an old Pietermaritzburg institution, I was recently browsing and came across their page on Wikipedia, there it has a list of notable old collegians, funny thing is at the same time I was reading the story of Gary Patrick Porritt’s court case for 3160 charges of fraud. Now I know he hasn’t been convicted but that means he should be on the list for being such a hugely successful businessman.

Which all got me wondering why the list doesn’t show their most notable failures. Just like gamblers only count their wins, we all only count what matters to us. The rest, well its conveniently excluded in a kind of intellectual apartheid.

Now here’s the challenge, watch how you tell only half the story, particularly to yourself and subsequently those around you.

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