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Eksdom – Shedding some Light

No, no, not “Load Shedding” but rather trying to shine a light for the fraud that is South Africa’s corrupt monopoly of power supply. Yes, there is power most of the time, I just get irritated with their lame excuses i.e. power goes out and they say, well you where using too much.

I see Eskom are once again handing out CL’s (Compact Flourescent Light’s), very apt that once again they are living in the dark ages, CFL’s are great becaue they use less energy (about a 1/4th of an incandescent, don’t beieve the packaging marketing speak, real worl numbers are less flattering – 60W incandescent = 15W CFL) but rubbish because they contain Mercury (CFL’s are now banned in some countries), you know that stuff in your mouth that is ubber toxic. Do you think they’ve heard of LED’s (which use about 1/4th of a CFL – 15W CFL = +-4W LED). Yes I know they are expensive but if Eksdom put our monopoly money to good use the price would soon come down.

Would it not be great if Eskom took the lead, instead of buying up the 1st world’s junk and passing it off on the ignorantly grateful populace.

Eskom promoting the use of compact fluorescent lights is a serious threat to the health of our environment and the planet.

4-6mg per CFL x 40 million CFL’s = 160-240kg’s of Mecury, Eskom is dumping into the environment. Isn’t that illegal.


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