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Everything. And More. – Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook™ – Also a frisbee

I love Dell products and service but this kinda bullshit strategy cooked up by an overpaid bunch of shit polishers. http://www.dell.com/us/p/xps-13-l321x/pd

Holy crap, Dell just discovered a free energy device aka perpetual motion machine. Oh no! it’s just the marketing department on Ritalin, Nicotine, Caffeine and Coke generating more shit. SHIT – Everything. And More.

Well they got it right with the Everthing fullstop bit, that is all there is according to english.

Just remember people that this is an f-ing notebook not a toaster, vibrator, particle accelerator, couch, jam sandwich, bottle opener, skyscraper, drawing pin, dog turd, bestseller, potato chips, clock, condom, paperclip etc.etc.etc

Yes a Dell XPS notebook could theoretically be used as a frisbee but

  1. a seriously overweight and non aerodynamic one
  2. they are expensive and after about 10 throws they kinda break apart
  3. it could kil your dog if it tries to catch it

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