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God makes mistakes?!

I receive mails like the one below every couple of weeks, the wording has sometimes just been modified, this one is alternately called “Recall Notice” or “Factory Recall Notice”.

My primary issue with these is I can’t fathom God as the kind of lady that makes mistakes. I mean all powerful, all knowing, all everything and then a cock-up in the making of man?!@# Don’t get it.

Then if he did make a mistake surely he would understand us making a few and give us a break from the “JUDGEMENT”, by the way is he not just judging his own faulty workmanship in that case,. Then on the other hand if she is incapable of making a mistake then…. how come we are supposedly faulty?

And if God doesn’t make mistakes maybe we are just perfect even though we think we might be faulty. Have you noticed how many great inventions products are made by mistake!

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