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Mecer E5104N2 ADSL Wireless-N Modem

Default Settings for Mecer E5104N2

  • IP:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

Do not buy this product if you can avoid it. It has the worst most confusing and irritating software setup I have come across on any router I have ever configured.

The backend is plain nasty although the basic setup is not too difficult, it is not particularly intuitive or easy to find more obscure settings.

I think the brief to the software developers was to create the worst management software in the known universe.

Latest Firmware: RTK V2.1-Eda 4WN2 3.AR

Available from these 2 locations



How To Upgrade Firmware

UnRAR “Firmware.rar” to a folder on your PC, connect via cable to your router and then login via your web browser, backup your settings under “Admin”, “Backup/Restore” then goto “Admin”, “Upgrade Firmware” click “Choose File” and browse for the file your uncompressed earlier then click “Upload”. Wait and your router should upgrade and restart. [Please note that a power failure during a firmware upgrade could brick your router.]

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