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Policing Qualifications

This post is in response to an article in Derek Alberts “Taking a break…” from The Sun 8th July 2011 titled “Waddling Cops”.

We think the traffic department should take a leaf from the Russian inetrior ministery’s directive to all pudgy police cops to lose weight or face the sack. Image one of the city’s rather rotund cops rolling after a suspect!

In any profession there are qualifications and pre-requisites for performing specific functions. Surely the police should have a similar requirement. Part of their duty might require them to chase down a suspect, so surely being able to run is a requirement and more specifically, being able to run fast enough to catch someone.

So maybe 1. a sub 19.19s (the current world record for the 200m, set by Usain Bolt & 21.34s for women) for the hundred metres should be required and the capacity to run at least 1000m before collapsing with a minor stroke.

From what I’ve observed recently that would mean about half the current police force would either be deskbound in another job, deceased or recovering in hospital.


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