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Afrihost Whoops! – my experience of their 5GB* mobile data pre-order

I tried from 10h00 precisely, to order my 5GB* data (Mobile Two Package) without much luck at first, fortunately Afrihost’s PR engine is working 100% & they conjured up another 4000 devices.

I see it’s not really a true 5GB* offer but a 2GB + 3GB offer, actually called the Monile Two Package, which may or may not expire on the 28th Feb 2014 – gotta love cleva marketing deception

I kept getting referred to http://www.afrihost.com/offline/mobile_data.html and got this pretty picture

Whoops! - Afrihost
Whoops! – Afrihost

Telling me how their servers are busy, duh!, they’ve been promoting this special for a while now and are suprised at the volume of traffic.

Aren’t they also a hosting company?! and they still can’t handle the traffic …

Try Again

Back, reload, same picture – back, reload, same picture, I did get through once but got bounced out of the order process, repeat until … from 10h25 I started getting this pretty picture instead

Sorry - Afrihost Offer Unavailable
Sorry – Afrihost Offer Unavailable

Apparently all 1000 devices where sold out …

Yippee! it’s now 5000 devices – get your’s before the server bombs …

Got mine, now to see what transpires on 28th February 2014

*5GB is apparently 2GB+3GB, yes that is mathematically correct but if the 5GB becomes 2GB – then what, is this fraud disguised in clever marketing – or is marketing just clever fraud?

Follow Up

Afrihist say “Last week we sold 8157 of our MiFi devices in five and a half hours to our clients” and that “We have subsidised R2079 for the 10GB option and R1782 for the 5GB option.”


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