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Angelina’s Jolie’s or Angelina Boobed

So what we discover today, thanks to the genius of Angelina and the modern priests of cancer the master salesmen of fear is that ‘having breasts gives you breast cancer’ therefore, no breasts, no breast cancer!

Wow thanks, whew – and as a society we call the people in the asylum ‘insane’. I know some ‘expurts’ have convinced a gullible population that that removing your breasts means there is no chance of getting breast cancer. Of course there is no chance of getting breast cancer but cancer doesn’t give a shit about location, it grows where it finds fertile soil/conditions.

Previous genius ideas from the medical madhouse and we still trust them, duh!

  • Bloodletting [phlebotomy] – With a history spanning at least 3000 years, bloodletting has only recently—in the late 19th century—been discredited as a treatment for most ailments.
  • Cigarettes were once ‘physician’ tested, approved. When cigarettes were first invented they were thought to improve your health. – yup, Doctor’s where bought and paid for by the Nicotine industry.
  • Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man, except when you put it in your teeth.
  • Electro Shock Therapy, now called a more PC, Electroconvulsive therapy – shocking really!
  • Frontal lobotomy – became a treatment when it was discovered that chimpanzees became subdued when their frontal lobe had been damaged. Then it was ‘realised’ that the frontal lobe controls memory and decision making.  Oops, just put it back will you. Now instead of frontal lobotomy to make people docile we have ‘DRUGS’, legal because they are sold by ‘SCIENTISTS’ in white coats. Yoohoo, what problems, I’m high …
  • Trepanning – got a headache or migraine, no worries let me drill a hole in your head. Look no more headache.
  • Chemotherapy – okay this is another one that is still in vogue but hey one day we’ll realise that people are not supposed to be radioactive and that therapies that would make well people sick are insane. Anyone noticed this by the way, the-rapist.

Still to look into female hysteria and digital stimulation and the invention of the vibrator – sounds interesting doesn’t it.

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