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Free of conditions!

A ‘Free’ opinion!

Free has been bastardised and abused by those only thinking of their own interests. These days it seems ‘Free’ means more likely for a minimal or seemingly zero cost. Too often to claim the ‘Free’ product you want to have to give something. Even though the something may seem innocuous/small each time you do this your understanding of ‘Free’ is eroded and the next time a little more can be asked for.

What do I mean, I mean that I often receive a newsletter or email with some for of ‘Free’ offer but when I click the link to claim the ‘Free’ deal I’m usually asked to supply my email address, name & surname, and sometimes even more detail, this usually also includes agreeing to sign-up for some form newsletter. Either way I’m paying and that’s just not cool and actually downright devious.

Free – definition




Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes.
Without cost or payment: “ladies were admitted free”.
Make free, in particular.
adjective: loose – open – gratuitous – vacant – independent
adverb: gratis – freely – for nothing – loosely – free of charge
verb: release – liberate – deliver – set free – rid – disengage

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