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How to save 100% on your next purchase, guaranteed!

Yeah, I know the title sounds very much like marketing speak … well maybe it is … or maybe

The absolute guaranteed way to save 100% on your next purchase, is of course ‘not to buy it’.

Huh!? What??? Duh!?? Yeah of course it’s obvious but I’ll expand a little more …

  • How many ‘absolutely have to have’ gadgets/things do you now never use?
  • and how long wast it before the novelty wore off … ?
  • Do these ‘ things’ now clutter your already ‘full’ life?
  • How much of what you purchase would you right now gladly hand back for half what you paid or even as a donation to get it out your hair?

The 1st R in Recycling should be something like ‘Rethink’, do I really need this or am I just buying the marketing hype around the product, will it really make my life ‘better’ and me a more ‘awesome’ person?

Manufacturers would have you believe that you will be miserable without said device in your life, truth is you’re most likely miserable already and more ‘things’, ironically make you more miserable.

Have you look recently at the studies around choice, it looks like more choice means more unhappiness. Ironically if you have a choice out of 10 possible’s and you choose 1, if there is any doubt about your choice, your brain whispers that there was a 90% chance you made the wrong choice.

So take a day, heck take all the time you want or borrow aforementioned ‘thing’ and see how much you absolutely ‘need’ it.

More to follow …

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