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Manage Multiple WordPress Installations

Do you need to manage more than one installation of WordPress, then these tools will help you do just that.


All work by installing a client or worker plugin to your WordPress site and connecting to that using a secure connection. They then allow you to access information about your site through your specific dashboard, and to take actions on the site through your dashboard.


All claim high security levels, with the plugin using an API key and only allowing a single connection to the server. ManageWP seems to offer the most additional security options.

Manage WP

  • managewp.com
  • Hosted – used by over 5,000 companies
  • Pricing: Subscription-based [Free for up to 5 website’s, otherwise variable pricing from $7.00 per month for 10 sites] Click here for Plans and Pricing

I’ve used the free version of Manage WP and find it fairly intuitive and slick, sometimes the interface is a little busy. Does what it says with little fuss. Really great for cloning sites.


  • infinitewp.com
  • Self-Hosted
  • Pricing: Free for unlimited sites for the basic features. Add-on’s are bought outright, so for example you buy the Manage Users Add-on for $49.00.

Installs to your server, not a WordPress plugin, but its own php based installation.

Installed, pretty simple, upload everything to its own directory via FTP, create a new database and user, then make sure your server meets the requirements and off you go. You can turn the https on and off in the config.php file. I installed it with https forgetting that my server is not configured for it and then had to disable it to gain access.

To add a site you need to add the WordPress plugin InfiniteWP Client to the site you want to add access for. Once activated you get an API key for the site. Now, add the site back in your InfiniteWP dashboard.

iControlWP was Worpit

  • icontrolwp.com
  • Hosted
  • Pricing: Subscription-based, $0.60 per site – minimum 5 sites – Click here for Plans and Pricing

I haven’t tried it.

WP Remote

  • wpremote.com
  • Hosted – powers 49,075 Sites
  • Pricing: Free version – Premium version, 1 site $5.00

CMS Commander


  • xmarkpro.com
  • Hosted – Sites
  • Pricing: Lifetime License $499.95, Monthly $49.95 – Click here for Plans and Pricing



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