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Mozilla Firefox

Are you having problems with your web-browser, just wanting a better browser experience or you need a really great web development tool?

I think it’s time you gave Firefox a try. I’m sure you’ll at least like it…

My Story: “in 2008 I needed a portable web-browser and mail client for my Flashdisk, I came across Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird and was only going to use them temporarily.
Not so easy, once I had started using Firefox and I went back to IE6, I missed the way Firefox worked and the ability plug-ins give it to be customised for every need.
Since then I have been converting all my clients, friends and family across.
Switch today it’s a tiny download and your out of the Microsoft exploitation loop. ”

Firefox is a built for speed, security & standards compliancy. It has received rave reviews from PC World, PC Magazine, USA Today, Wired Magazine & cnet.

Why use Mozilla Firefox!
[Firefox is now in a rapid development cycle, similar to Google Chrome, so it updates often and not all your add-ons will be compatible with the latest version.]

  • Open-source & Free
  • Reasonably Compact, <20MB download
  • Not Microsoft
  • Tabbed browsing at it’s best
  • Secure online browsing
  • Plugins to do just about anything you can think of with your browser
  • Now available for Android!
  1. Browse to http://www.mozilla.org/firefox/
  2. Choose the download link appropriate for the operating system on which you’ll be running Firefox, Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. [or visit http://firefox.com/m on your cellphone for the mobile version]
  3. Save the file to your desktop.
  4. Double-click on the file you just downloaded to start the installation wizard.
  5. Click “Next” on each step of the wizard until the program is installed.
  6. If you like, you can set Firefox to be your default browser, instead of Internet Explorer.
  7. Start up Firefox, and browse happy.

Software Details

  • Author: Mozilla
  • Current Version: >19
  • Price: Free

Like Firefox then get Thunderbird [e-mail client].

My Favourite Firefox Add-ons/Plugins

Absolute Must Haves

Web Developer – If you are a developer or just want to be able to see how a site is put together. You can even play with a site’s css to see how it’s put together.

Firebug – Put’s a wealth of web development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

Google Page Speed – You need Firebug installed

YSlow – needs Firebug, shows how heavy a page (Y it’s Slow) is and gives some advice to speed downloads.

Quirk SearchStatus – SEO tool, assists in seeing a pages possible seach engine ranking.

Dust-Me – helps you find unused CSS selectors in your site.

Fireshot – Creates screenshots of websites

SEOQuake – SEO tools

X-Ray – Show HTML tags in the same window, no more switching from source view to page and back.

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