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Pastel Partner 11 – Status 161 – Out of Pervasive Licenses

If your Pastel was fully functional until this message then somehow your copy has lost it’s license information for Pervasive which is installed when Pastel is installed.

If things where working and now aren’t it is unlikely a difference in versions of Pervasive so I will not cover those issues.

If you are a single license setup then you can try stopping the Pervasive Engine and the starting the engine again. If this does not work click on Help in Pastel before you try open a company and click register and follow the prompts. This will re-register your licenses. Make sure to close Pastel and re-open to allow settings to change before reatsrting to see if the problem is corrected.

Pastel setups with multiple licenses and a server will require a bit more fiddling to get the PV working again. 1st try the above and then if still no joy you will need to restart the engine on your server.


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