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Mozilla Thunderbird

It’s a train, it’s a plane, no it’s Thunderbird!

… and it just keeps getting better …

Cleaner layout, added functionality including tags for your mail, make what was the best mail client, now even better.
Tired of Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, not interested in online mail like Gmail or Yahoo, you want something better and also free, well then Thunderbird’s for you.

This clever piece of software can be downloaded from http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/thunderbird/ and is only a 19.0MB download.

Why use Thunderbird

  • Not Microsoft
  • It just works
  • Free, no really, the real kind of Free
  • It just keeps getting better
  • Plugins, want to add some new functionality, there is probably a plugin already available

Software Details

  • Author: Mozilla
  • Current Version: >19
  • Size: 19.0MB
  • Price: Free

Like Thunderbird then you’ll love Firefox.

Must Have Thunderbird Plugins

Lightning – Brings the Sunbird calendar to Thunderbird. Lightning is tightly integrated with Thunderbird, allowing it to easily perform email-related calendaring tasks.

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