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Upgrading Softline Pastel Partner 11.2.1 to 11.2.2

I don’t recommend upgrading Pastel Partner 11.2.1 to the newer 11.2.2 as there is no real benefit I can see to the upgrade. I say this because I did upgrade and could have done without the hassle.

You get the Pastel upgrade either on CD from Pastel or via download from their website. Browse to the location of your patch file and run the patch/upgrade. It will update Pastel Partner from 11.2.1 to version 11.2.2.

Then the next time you open Partner you will be asked if you want to change your file versions to 11.2.2. Please note that this process is not reversible as far as I can tell. Meaning once you’ve updated your files to version 11.2.2 you’ll need that version of Pastel Partner to open the files so ensure that you do a backup.

Only if you are getting an Error

I had an error on one machine saying the version I am using is not the same version as the file I want to open after I had done the upgrade of my files.

Strangely I looked at the Pastel11.exe on all 3 machines and they are the same size, date and for some reason reflect version,

I finally found that for some reason the issue was caused by shortcut having “Start In” as network drive “p:” when I right-clicked the desktop shortcut. Removed that and all was well.

3 thoughts on “Upgrading Softline Pastel Partner 11.2.1 to 11.2.2”

  1. I am still runing a 5 user Parner 11 V11.1.1 and have decided to stick with it for now. However I want to add to a LAN workstation to the Server PC, what is the server path I need to use? I wouldf appreciate the help. Deon

  2. The real important thing for me is, that I see you have a stable running version of WHS 2011 on a 64bit machine with Pastel Partner…

    Did you have any issues getting pastel to run in this configuration?

    I am considering the upgrade of WHS 2008 to WHS 2011.

  3. WHS 2011 only comes in 64bit. I’m running 2 servers with WHS for small home businesses, one 2 user and the other a 4 user system. They work perfectly, no issues setting up either.

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