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Windows Service Centre Scam

If you get any kind of call from anyone talking about your computer needing fixing. The first question is how did you get my number. Next say ‘I know this is a scam’ and if they don’t hang up, it just got more interesting. Microsoft will never contact you about your PC 1. because they have no way of ‘legally’ knowing the condition of your PC, 2. they already sold you malware and have to let you forget before selling you another version (ooohhh, sorry that’s a sort of a joke, I actually like Windoze I just think that R1400 for an operating system sucks)

If you, or someone you know, falls victim to this scam, then do these things:

  • contact your credit card company and get the transaction reversed
  • report it to the police to get a case number
  • realise that you are not stupid or gullible, we’ve just been well conditioned into following instructions, baaahhh


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