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WordPress Security – Removing base admin account

There are 2 ways to do this I am going to explain the cPanel phpMyAdmin route. By creating another admin user and then deleting the old ‘admin’ account as demonstrated here, or via phpMyAdmin and your cPanel.

If you do not have cPanel access for your site you can’t modify your admin user in the following way.

Login to the cPanel for your website, goto ‘phpMyAdmin’, usually under the ‘Databases’ section. Now select the database for your site in the left hand sidebar. If you have more than one or are unsure which database is for the website you want to modify, you will need to look inside your wp-config.php files to see which databse is refernced.

Now select wp_users or prefix_users if you have already hardened your WordPress install by removing the standard ‘wp’ prefix.

Now select Edit, then under user_login where it should have ‘admin’ change to an admin name of your choice, also update the display_name at the same time, then click ‘Go’.

You can now login with the new ‘admin name ‘ you chose

I have left the password as it was for the admin but you could also modify that here if needed by selecting the user you would like to change the password for, clicking ‘edit’ then selecting ‘MD5’ from the dropdown next to user_pass and then typing in your password and then clicking ‘Go’.

MD5 is the encryption method that phpMyAdmin will use to encrypt the password. You’ll see the user_pass field has a very long sting of characters which is the encrypted version of your password.

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