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1023 Listing, Scam and/or Fraud?

When someone convinces you to pay for something that is actually free…

What do you call that? Good business, seeing an opportunity an exploiting it, cheeky, a scam, fraud…

If your into marketing then this is the ideal business, very low overheads with an incredible mark-up, with no stock and no actual product offering.

Listing on 1023 is free – so don’t get conned into paying for it.

I received an unsolicited fax recently from a company called Effective Enquiries (previously known as Directory Enquiries and Directory Solutions) with instruction on how to go about changing or confirming my details for Telkom’s Directory Enquiries System, the details accessible through the 1023 number.

23.05.09 I am now receiving unsolicited “Spam” e-mail’s from Effective Enquiries from the e-mail address rseymour6(at)telkomsa.net with a Word document attachment. Document is now supposedly sent out by Miss L.Oosthuizen [Manager] (I’ll mail Trudon and see if they can get the address blocked.) As well as from Directory Solutions from the e-mail address solutions08(at)telkomsa.net with a Word document from a Mr C Jonck [Manager].

They are charging a fee of R595 R895 R1350 R1495 (incl VAT) to change your details, when this same service is free if you deal directly with Telkom Directory Services (TDS).

Fraud is defined as “deception for personal gain”. In this case it is clear that Mrs Roberta Seymour abuses the public’s innocence and lack of understanding for her own financial gain.

Who else is responsible or culpable, if I understand and can see what is really going on is it not my duty to report this. How about the bank that facilitates the transfer of funds from the “suckered”?

I will be passing this information on to FNB who runs the account for Effective Enquiries and will post their response. (Never received a response, re-sent 02.09.08)

Get your Free Telkom Directory Listing!

TDS Customer Care Helpdesk aka Trudon

TDS Directory Operations (Pty) Ltd – now called Trudon
Reg. No. 1992/002329/07
Tel No: +27 860 YELLOW (086 093 5569)
Fax No: +27 860 TELDIR (086 083 5347)
Web: http://www.trudon.co.za/


Hours: Weekdays 07:30 – 16:30

Trudon/TDS Website

TDS Response to Effective Enquiries

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This article was first published on the 21st March 2008

Effective Enquiries Contact Details

Taken from the word document attached to their e-mail.
VAT # 455 023 5255
REG # 2006/181201/23
PO Box 28620, Sunridge Park, Port Elizabeth, 6008
Telephone: (041) 379 4402
Fax: (041) 379 5084

Directory Solutions Contact Details

Taken from the word document attached to their e-mail.

CK 1999/021885/23 VAT # 485 018 3858
PO Box 28620, Sunridge Park, Port Elizabeth, 6008
Telephone: (041) 364 0076
Fax: (041) 364 0966 / (041) 364 0124

58 thoughts on “1023 Listing, Scam and/or Fraud?”

  1. I see that the above article was posted on 21 March 2008. Our company again today received such a letter from “Mrs. Roberta Seymore” of “Effective Enquiries CC” claiming that they act on behalf of Telkom and are updating the 1023 enquiry system. The only difference is that the fee now went up to R895.00 (VAT inclusive).

    How can it be that such a company can keep continuing with fraud without being stopped. Is the bank that they are using (FNB, Newton Park) not committing money laundering is the process?

    Thanks, Willie Pienaar

  2. Hi Willie
    Whether it’s fraud or not is debatable. They are selling something that is available Free elsewhere. They probably have a bunch of happy customers who feel they got their money’s worth.
    If they are claiming to represent Telkom, then that is fraud.
    I posted the info to make people aware that they could do it themselves for less. For people like you in fact.
    Cheers, Grant

  3. Hi Grant

    Thanks for your email and your views. I agree that charging a fee for something that is available free elsewhere is no offence, ……. I was going to say that “pretending that you represent Telkom and charging a fee …. ” but then I carefully read the letter again and I must admit that I came to the conclusion that there is probably legally nothing wrong with what they are doing. I think that there is morally a problem as they deceive the public and companies who think that they say that they are representing TELKOM, as I initially did. If you read the wording carefully then it is clear that they say that “we provide a service to members of the public which entails forwarding updated and accurate information for inclusion in the 1023 system”. As long as they forward the information that they get to Telkom they have done what they have said, even if TELKOM does not use it. I also do not think that the bank has any reason not to operate an account for them, as I initially thought.

    OK, I agree that they have seen an opportunity and that they are using the fact that people do not always read and understand such things properly and that they are making money out of it.

    I will have to come up with such ingenuity 🙂

    Kind regards, Willie

  4. Ignorance is not an excuse, so if you are to dumb or lazy to do this then pay the money. Remember you are paying her for services rendered not for the listing.

  5. I agree, she offers a service that many people may be happy with. The impression she gives is that she works on behalf of TDS. The idea of this post is to inform people of the fact that they can do it themselves.

  6. Has there been any further news on this horible women. Every time I send her a request to stop faxing me – she sends me another fax.
    Anything I can do about it and lastly does anyone have any further details on her. A address would be nice.

  7. I wonder if Telkom could put some kind of restraint on the use of their name or if just by using it you may be breaking some copy right.trade right ?
    Suppose though some far bigger brains have thought this out.

  8. I was succered into signing a contract with TDS a few years ago, having a new company and wanting it listed every where, but after a year decided not to renew the contract, since I have anyway moved. I then got an account from them two years later threatening me if I do not pay since it was already in arrears for the previous year. I explained that I only signed a year contract and did not renew it, after a lot of backwards and forwards faxes and threads, they stopped bothering me.

    But I just (03-12-2008) got an account from them again with regard to a contract for the amount of R506.15.

    I have not signed a contract with TDS or requested that they represent my company in the last three or four years, and since I have been through this before about two year ago I am starting to wonder.

    I consider this action of theirs to send me accounts for a contract I have not signed fraudulent and an attempt to harass me into paying for a service I have not requested, especially since the first account I received (dated 2008-11-01) already indicates that I am 90 days in arrears.

    Since this is not the first time this has happened I believe that this is the way they operate and that it is a conscious attempt to force me to pay for something I have not requested or signed a contract for.

  9. I now have a address — nice place. Built on other peoples losses.
    I do believe I now have the upper hand.
    Someone said something about service rendered. Telkom does all that is required, and will do so even if you pay her. So you pay her and then deal with Telkom in any case.
    Wonder if she tells her kids “Mommy is a crook”.

  10. I have tried multiple times to get through to FNB to get a response with no success as yet. I’m not sure there is an upper hand when it comes to these kinds of business. It’s also certainly not isolated to her, it seems like a global trend, marketing, overselling, creating artificial demand.
    Let’s just stop buying the hype.

  11. Dave,

    I’m not a legal expert, but I would say you are bordering slander. The woman supplies a service, once again if you are too DUMB, STUPID or LAZY to read the fax then it is YOUR OWN PROBLEM. She clearly states she has NO affiliation with either companies.

    I think she is a genius, and how many times have you used TELKOM’s name in your post? I take it that you have their permission to do this yes?

    So if you have spend money with her, write it off as “SCHOOL FEES” and get on with your life.

    P.S. If you don’t want to receive faxes, don’t publish your fax number OR get a fax-to-email account then she pays more to fax and you don’t have to print it.

  12. Just a reminder, my intention in posting this was to wake people up before they pay for the lesson. I’m sure we all could make a lot more money if we where a bit more devious but the question I ask is “Does this actually serve us and more fundamentally, humanity.”
    I certainly don’t see her as a genius, she’s abusing her understanding of marketing.
    I think Dave also has a point, would she feel comfortable telling her children exactly how she does business?
    Where are each of us doing the same thing, i.e. being devious and manipulating to get our own way?
    Finally is this model sustainable?

  13. I disagree with the “…being devious and manipulating…” The fax I have everything is clearly stated AND in BOLD print.

    I still don’t get what is wrong with the service she offers? You have a choice to pay her or do it yourself. For pete’s sake Telkom charges over R500.00 to plug in an ADSL Router and enter username and password (Hint you can also do this yourself and save the money). Now THAT is a scam, how about Telkom charging for unsuccessful calls?

    Ignorance is NOT and never will be an excuse

  14. I have just received a fax this morning – same issues – but now asking R1500 for ‘administration’ costs. I think she has effectively (note the pun) shot herself in the foot, as surely anyone would question the validity of such a high charge for something I can get Telkom to update for free!! Hence I found this web site – I took one look at the fax and knew immediately that its a scam. Although if she had not been greedy and only charged, say, R50, I may not have been suspicious. Come on!!

  15. I’m a receptionist at a guesthouse in Bfn and receive such faxes and e-mails daily. I think now days you can call scamming a profession as 90% of the e-mails and faxes we receive are scams. I know some of you will say it is not scamming but if you do something that is not honest, you are a CROOK!

    People should just be aware that this is happening, and use their commonsense! I receive the directory fax and e-mail probably once a week-everytime the name just changes a bit, and the first time I saw it, I took one glance and said to myself SCAM and deleted it. Maybe it is not a scam but why on earth would you pay to list your company at a place you have never heard of??? I can almost assure you, that the one or two enquiries you will receive from this, is the person behind it, just phoning to keep you happy.

    People should just READ what they receive, and when you read it, and it seems to good to be true or you have a gut feeling that tells you something is not kosher you can be sure that it is a scam!

    Tip: Most scams I have received are from e-mail addresses which you can get for free like gmail, yahoo, webmail, the list goes on… sorry for the people that also make use of these services – including myself- but it is a fact!


  16. Hi Bianca, thanks for sharing your experience and input. I do agree, “too good to be true, most likely is”. Trust your gut and watch your greed. Take a look at my blog for the tourism trade, I think you’ll recognise some of the scams listed there. http://zululandtourism.co.za/blog
    Thanks, Grant

  17. I have just had a “run-in” with yet another one of these extortionist companies who claim they will update your records – this time charging R2995.00. This company is called DIRECTORY SERVICES (Previously Directory Solutions) and I found an article on the web stating that Telkom actually took Directory Solutions to court for false representation.

    When I received the e-mail from Directory Services, I called to inform them that I had already received a contract from Telkom Directory Services (Trudon) for the same thing, and the woman I was speaking to (BRENDA) informed me that they belong to Trudon and are merely the “Sales Department”. I called TDS and they assured me that they have NO affliation with Directory services.

    I would say that is definitely misrespresentation, and falls under the heading of Fraud in my books!

    One big RIP-OFF!

  18. Looks like they still have not given up spamming. I have received yet a third fax from them asking for R1650.00 for admin for listing on 1023.
    I phoned asking for Miss Oosthuizen (she’s on lunch – it was 13:10). So I asked for her email address and have now sent her an email with a threatening undertone regarding spamming.
    Should you wish to familiarise yourself with the relevant legislation, a copy of the ECT Act is available on-line via the Government’s web site: http://www.gov.za/gazette/acts/2002/a25-02.pdf.
    We all need to play a small part in stopping things like this. Every little bit helps.

  19. Ok here I go again. Why stop with “labeling” faxes and e-mail “unsolicited”, what about the flyers in the mailbox, the newspaper the list goes on. I don’t want all that crap that has more pages than the newspaper?

    If you agree with this I surely hope that 1) You don’t own a business 2) Don’t work for a advertsing agency 3) WORK for a company that advertises.

    Here is a simple piece of advice for you: If you don’t want to receive “unsolicited” email / faxes, remove it from the Internet. By publishing your address on the Internet it is EXACTLY the same as your mailbox facing the street.

    Fact is she/he/they pay to send the fax in other words pay for the advertising, much as you do when you place an ad in the paper, if you are complaining about the paper waste, get an fax-to-email address (it’s FREE).

    Here are companies that are truely scam artists:

    SABC – paying for content you don’t/can’t understand
    Telkom – Charging for services they know you can do yourself

    The fax I receive I junk, I don’t need it nor want to use it. The service offered in the fax is (imho) the same as offered by Q4U type companies. Meaning you can do it yourself or PAY someone to do it for you. Since they run a company THEY get to set the price. Once again you decide whether or not you want to use the service.

    Now if they don’t DO what they advertise, THEN it’s a scam OR fraud, until such time it is a LEGAL service offered to businesses. It is that simple.

    This is my opinion and as such you don’t have to agree with me.

  20. Hi

    I am having trouble with Trudon / yellow pages and white pages. They have been charging me for contracts that i have not entered into with them. They claim it was done telephonically of which i have not done.

    To date they charge me R440.00 per month

    Does anyone know of an incident similar like this / who should i contact and what legal stance can i take against them



  21. As Frik mentions, tear it up. It costs them not you, besides the irritation and paper. Or get a fax2email address and it will cost them more. The point is to stop supporting this behaviour and it will slowly wilt away and die.

  22. Thanks Frik, nice to have both sides of the story. Personally I’m tired of being marketed at in any form. 2 weeks ago I got MTN Broadband advertising with my coffee from Mugg & Bean. It pisses me off that I pay to be advertised at, I’m less likely to go back though. Okay every coffee shop may do the same and then I’ll have to stay home and make my own.
    Point is somehow, somewhere Spam in its myriad forms pays and so continues. When it stops paying it will either change form or die off.
    A while back I saw a Coke Cola marketing executive on TV saying something along the lines of, we are competing for a piece of your brain. The most honest chirp from a marketer I’ve in a while.
    I was speaking to a friend of mine today who’s father when he was alive only worked through his word and a handshake when doing his dealings. Bizarrely now so much of even what people say it marketing bullshit and our words have less meaning. Personally I’m only interested in verbal contracts, if I don’t trust you or vice versa enough for only a verbal contract, let’s say so and go our separate ways.
    Nowadays saying what you mean and meaning what you say is a novel idea not implemented much. Let’s all strive to cut the crap and start looking out for each other, instead of grabbing as much from each other as possible.
    Thanks Frik once again for your opinion, it’s through communication that we see deeper. Excuse my rambling’s, I get so worked up I struggle to express in a linear fashion.

  23. Hi M.A., I have not come across anything like this before. It is fraud on their part if they cannot prove it was you who instigated the contract. Burden of proof is with them. How did they get your banking details or are they just billing your Telkom account? I’ll see if I can uncover anything.

  24. Hi Grant Day

    Well, i have received a email from them asking if i would like to cancel my 2010 and 2011 contract! wow! the 2008 “contract” just finished! it is telkom that is billing us.

    please advise

  25. Hi Grant Day

    I have just spoken to Trudon / Danele Spies of which she played the voice recordings of which they phoned my company and spoke to our general workers. Listening to the conversations, the sales reps of Trudon asks my workers if our details for the listings are correct and if they would like to make any changes. Then they inform them of a price increase, of which the workers responded “ok”. they have billed us since 2002 and have responded that we have contracts till 2011. please advise?

  26. Webmail international should be investigated for bad business practice, lying to clients and customers and breach of contract. After being approached by Webmail and being assured that there was no spamming, fantastic response rates (30%-40%) and examples of the other companies who had great results. I signed up. Since then, they don’t return calls, they are amateur in the extreme, they threaten legal action at every turn and refuse to engage at all. I have since found out that the database that ‘signed’ up to receive direct mail is their own email database. In order to get a free Webmail email address they require huge amounts of personal information. They use this info to spam their own clientelle and then charge me for the pleasure!!! The privacy they promise their email clients is a farce. Everytime somebody clicks through I get their phone number and their email address. I’m sure they love that! 96% of my direct mailers were deleted without opening! So much for a targe market. The response rate has been 0.01% – if I had given away free product to these 69 people I would have saved thousands of Rands. I paid R30k to spam consumers and I am so furious. Webmail must be stopped!!

  27. Directory Holdings / Enquiries / whatever their name is, is FRAUD! I know because a friend of mine actually got conned by them. Back when they used to say that they list you in the Telephone Directory or something like that. They were never listed. Sadly my friend was scammed three times before they realised that it’s a con.
    I hope to get them on the phone some day to give them a piece of my mind. Their stupid faxes waste my paper!

  28. I received a fax this morning from CORPORATE CLASSIFIEDS COUNTRYWIDE where the fee is a mere R1495.00 for forwarding your details to 1023! What a bargain. They only provide their telephone and fax number – no address. Both telephone and fax numbers start with 0861 .

  29. I had an ordeal with the company known as Directory Solutions owned by a certain Roberta Seymour. They listed my entries incorrectly after paying for the service. I battled after a year of threats to get a refund (R795). I was unable to speak to Roberta directly (long list of excuses). I was first approached by them to do my listing and was assured that I won’t be able to get this service for free (fraud). In my experience they are a bunch of slippery crooks and a owner equal to a gypsy too old to pickpocket. Not surprised about the death threats she is receiving!

  30. I received a fax from Effective Enquiries on 6 Dec 2010 informing me that our companies details have not been published in the New Telkom Phone Book. I then forwarded our letters which proof that the details was send through to Telkom to them on the 8th of Dec 2010. On the 9th of December 2010 I received an invoice for R999. I immediately replied to the email address: roberta8@telkomsa.net informing them that we are not prepared to pay that for a listing which was done free of charge. I received no reply to my email. on the 10th of December I was phoned by a Jenny informing me that she did not receive the email and that their covering letter clearly states the costs of R999. I them forwarded the letter which was received from them not mentioning any costs.

    On 13 December 2010 a lady named Jacqueline from there legal department phoned me and informed me that if we do not pay a R400 penalty will be charged. I informed her that we gave instructions for cancellation. I also informed her that Telkom confirmed that our numbers was listed in the New book and on 1023. She therefore did not render any services to our company and I emailed her accordingly. She just informed me that we will pay!

    According to the Consumer Compliance Act there should be a cooling off period of 5 days for cancellation.

    It is therefore my opinion that we cannot be hold liable as the services was rendered by Telkom and not by her and that cancellation was done immediately after receiving the invoice.

  31. They’re still at it. Latest price is R1175. Fax is “Yours faithfully Mrs Jacqueline Bellairs” Phone number 0413638131 (but it is constantly engaged) I have checked our 1023 entry which is correct and the info Effective Enquiries want to put on is incorrect anyway. Amazing that no one can find a way to stop this company! See they are still banking with FNB. They are also now wanting people to give them Special Power of Attorney to deal with Telkom – with no stoppage date. Surely there must be something in the new Consumer Protection Act to stop this kind of thing!

  32. Kaydee van Eyssen

    I just recieved two faxes and a previous phone call from Effective Enquiries and I have phoned them back now and informed them that they should stop wasting my fax paper and remove our company from their listing as we are not interested in wasting our money on their kind of business.

    I hope no one else is falling for this!

  33. Kaydee van Eyssen

    I contacted them on 041 363 8131.

    Someone needs to do something about them. The women even claimed to be the same company as Trudon! when she called in. They have scammed too many people out of their hard earned moneys.

  34. The price went up to R1700.00. I received a fax this morning. I almost fell for it. I will not say this is a scam, but it is very misleading to uninformed people. Luckily I found this website in time. Thank you. At least she states that they are independent from Telkom and offers this service as a convenience to the public. This is still your decision but if you are uninformed, you would probably believe that this is compulsory for your ad to be published in the yellow pages.

  35. Gees i must be lucky to be getting a discount. I filled the dam form in last year and paid the money across via eft, 3 weeks later a lady from Telkom came around to update our details in person, needless to say i was livid with my own stupidity. I have just received renewal letter and its is only R 999.00 for the renewal. I have politely declined their services via fax.

  36. I have also received one from Effective now and just want to let you all know there are about 14 companies I have been aproached by to do the same thing. Most of them contact you by phone. As far as I am concerned they are all Scammers and just ripping innocent people off.

  37. I am so glad to see i wasn’t the only one HARASSED! this person called every day and when i asked for information, i was ignored. I was never told they were independent, any info i requested was ignored! My boss took over and thankfully he put an end to their calls.
    I FEEL SORRY THE OLD PEOPLE THAT ARE BEING INTMIDATED BY THESE COMPANIES – but as we know, what goes around – will certainly comes around for them too!!!!

  38. I have been receiving these requests from Effective Enquiries cc. Their price is R1700.00 but I ignore them. I don’t want to get “hot under the collar” about this rip-off. I just hope other people will also see this section and use their common sense.

  39. I refer to the above discussions and advise that I have received the same type of correspondence from EASY ADS CC which says it is based in Pretoria: accounts@easyads123.co.za. Quite a scam I think. Just warning others aswell please do not respond to any such rubbish.

  40. I also received the phone call, a consultant claiming they were from from Telkom Directory Services wanting to update the listing for my company in the regional telephone directory. They confirmed my details telephonically and asked for an email address where they could send a confirmation.

    What is strange though, is that Roberta’s surname keeps changing – must be a string of unsuccessful marriages. The sole member of Directory Solutions CC is now Mrs. Roberta Sampson. They’ve also moved their bank account to Standard Bank.

    The cost:
    Annual service fee (VAT inclusive) R 1820.00 or R 159.99 Monthly on the
    15% early bird discount (R 273.00) 01st of each month x 12 months
    Payment due by 01/03/2013 R 1547.00

    Strange thing is, now that I think about it, I never had a business listing in the directory to start with!

  41. So this is how it works even if you are not a current Trudon/Telkom customer:

    Trudon place and publish your entries, and their majority shareholder, Telkom, bill you for those entries on your monthly telephone account. We offer you the service of placing your entries for you. Directory Solutions CC do not publish them or bill you for them. Telkom bill you monthly on your telephone account for the cost of the entries and we charge you seperately for our services. Trudon publish the directories, and we adhere to their closing dates. We are not affiliated to either Trudon (Pty) Ltd or Telkom S.A Ltd.

  42. Sam Bhairoparsad

    Its unfortunate that we did not scrutinize the Telkom bills in detail as we expected the principle of honesty to be applied at all times, however to my surprise i find that the school account is being charged for contracts which we have not authorized, The contracts described on the invoice is for (1) info2050info3TYP
    (2) web2050info3IYP

    We have a mobile internet service at the school through Vodacom and in opening our inbox in march 2013 we found an email from Trudon describing the annual rate increase for their service. On the same day we inform Trudon we have not subscribed to any product and that this contract is illegal.

    We refuse to pay Telkom until such time all these monies paid illegally to you be reimbursed to the school and your earliest convenience.

    The period of investigation should be of the time this contracted has to put on our invoices to date.

    S. Bhairoparsad

  43. And another one … Now bank details are back at FNB and Roberta is still Sampson. grrrrr they are extremely forceful about it too… YOU HAVE TO SEND IT BACK TODAY SIGNED or else !

  44. we have also been getting faxes for ages and no matter how many times you tell them to delete you off their database the request is ignored. what a way to make a living!

  45. Mrs. Roberta Sampson at it again under the name Effective Enquiries cc reg no 2006/181202/23.

    Did anyone read a clause:
    Please note that upon autorization of the attached entries you are liable for our fees (R1900.00). Thereafter, if you dismiss us as your agent even though we have performed our duties, there will be a cancellation fee of R475.00.

    She is making R2375.00 for doing what you can do for FREE!!!

  46. I am very glad to have found this website. Whether others think she is well within her rights to be “offering this service” I think it is blatant daylight robbery. They are also very insistent on the phone and I see have a R475 cancellation fee should you come to your senses and back out. If the company was charging a once off fee to add your details to the White and Yellow pages on your behalf, for say R350, I might be happy with paying for what is essentially a free service, but to disguise yourself as two separate companies and charge you almost R4000 to enter your details, morally and ethically shocking!

  47. Thank you very much for this post. I just started working for a new firm and would not have thought twice to “renew” our services as the letter claims that they are checking and renewing our details. Which means they should have the correct details to start off with – but there are so many discrepancies in the so called listing I couldn’t help check to find out where on earth they found our company information.

    I contacted Telkom and Telkom confirmed that they would never change our details unless we could pass a security test. Or our information is changed using our company letterhead. Therefor even if you gave Effective Enquiries the correct information – they wouldn’t be able to change it at Telkom – hence NO SERVICE could be rendered from their side. Which MEANS – this is FRAUD! Offering a service THEY CAN NOT APPLY at the cost of R1900. Not clever marketing.

    This is not slander in any way. Why would anyone go through the trouble of changing their bank account so often – changing their surname – if what they were doing is merely rendering “a service”?

  48. Roberta Sampson

    I am Roberta Sampson, an adult female business woman doing business in Port Elizabeth. I own various businesses that relate to directories and call centres. My websites are: http://www.directorysolutions.co.za, http://www.effectiveenquiries.co.za, http://www.directoryholdings.co.za, and http://www.onlinedirectoryservices.co.za.

    I have been conducting business for 23 years and been involved in various court actions through the years as a result of Telkom and Trudon’s unlawful refusal to publish the entries of my customers submitted to them, as well as their refusal to include my clients’ details on their 1023 call centre.
    In this regard there have been two actions in the Pretoria High Court, three actions in the Port Elizabeth High Court, a complaint to ICASA and two complaints to the Competition Commission.
    Although these actions have impacted on me financially and emotionally, it was very necessary. Trudon gave an undertaking to publish the entries of my customers, submitted to them, subject to certain conditions. They have also undertaken to list our clients’ details on Telkom’s 1023 call centre, subject to certain conditions. Furthermore they have undertaken never to defame us again. All their employees have been advised accordingly.
    Things are running smoothly and Directory Solutions CC submit numerous entries to Trudon on a regular basis for publication, as does Effective Enquiries on a weekly basis submit clients’ details to be included on the 1023 system.
    However, I am moving with the times and now own my own online telephone directory, which is user friendly and a cost effective way to advertise. I also have my own call centre with information about most businesses in South Africa.
    Many members of the public are not aware that they pay on their Telkom telephone account for certain entries in the phone book, as well as being billed for any additional information given out on 1023. We know which layouts in the phone book and on 1023 attract charges from Telkom and which ones do not.
    Many clients’ entries are incorrectly published, or outdated on the 1023 call centre. Our typed up proofs give clients the opportunity to amend their company details in order for them to be updated correctly in the phone book and on 1023. Verifying details telephonically leaves room for errors, so we insist on authorised typed up entries to eliminate mistakes.
    I have been providing a service to clients for their corrected, updated and cost effective entries on the Telkom phone book since 1991, for a period of 23 years.
    I have also been providing a service to clients for their corrected, updated and cost effective entries on the Telkom 1023 call centre since 2004 for a period of 10 years.
    My businesses would not have stood the test of time if we were not providing a valuable service to so many businesses in South Africa.
    As Joyce Meyers says: “If you haven’t walked a mile in my shoes then don’t be jealous”. She has worked extremely hard to achieve her success. Instead of abusing me via the Internet, why not send me an e-mail about your concerns, so that I can address them. If I am at fault, then I will do whatever it takes to rectify the problem. It may also just be your lack of knowledge about this industry that is frustrating you. Give me an opportunity to provide you with the necessary information.

  49. You are selling a service that is offered freely. Your letter is misleading and the answers I received from your call centre ladies, vague. Do not bring Christianity into something that is inherently dishonest.


  50. Mrs Roberta Sampson

    Dear Gail
    Your reply of 13/11/15 to my response on the defamatory remarks made about me, which have been facilitated by Grant Day, refers.
    Would you please refer me to the statement in my response that claims i am a Christian, i admit that i referred to a well known Christian author Joyce Meyers’ quotation. It is my opinion that you might have assumed that i am Christian because of my reference to her. In my experience assumptions can sometimes confuse matters. I would be grateful if you could specify what you mean by my letter being misleading, then i can attempt to clarify it for you. It is very vague to state that my entire letter is misleading and that my call centre ladies reply to your answers are vague. If indeed a particular portion of my letter is found to be misleading, then i will apologise for it and attempt to clarify the content thereof. Similarly if my staff are not concise in answering your questions, then i will address them in that regard. Futhermore, I would appreciate it if you and by association, Grant Day, Refrain from defaming me. Should this continue then i will take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. I do hope that this wont be necessary.
    Mrs Roberta Sampson

  51. They are at it again, this time calling themselves Telecom Directory – obviously an attempt to fool people into thinking its directly with Telkom. They also use the telkomsa domain name, which would be something like accbilling *at* telkomsa *dot* net – strange for a company with no affiliation with Telkom, almost as if they were trying to look as if they were affiliated with telkom….

    Their registration number is 2017/011130/07 – registered only 3 months ago. Again, they have no website, and contact details are Voip only, indicating a business that moves, or lies about their location. They are also not registered for VAT, and cannot provide any information about the “directory” they are listing in.

    The receptionist was reluctant to give me the company name, and eventually murmured “telecom directory” as soft, as quickly as possible. This is an obvious scam. Please Roberta Sampson, send your debt collector dogs on me. I know the law, and know you are a fraud.

  52. Morris Sebenzile Mntoninzi

    I received an e-mail sent from my e-mail address from somebody calling himself programmer. He told me that he hacked my computer and my e-mail about half a year ago and he needs money and if I do not he will send all the dirty sites I have ever visited to my family, friends etc as he collected everything I do from my computer and my picture from my computer camera. He has also given me the BTC number to use as he wants that money in bitcons.

  53. They are at it again……we have been informed to pay for white pages updates. By the way, none of Roberta’s links work. Her whole comment is a lot of nonsense

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