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How to switch your mail to GMail

Tired of using multiple mail packages across you multiple devices? Gmail can help unify your mail and contacts.

Importing VCF’s to Gmail

Merging multiple VCF’s into a single VCF

Merge multiple vCard files into one single VCF file through the Command Prompt.

Browse to the folder where your contacts are stored and shift + right-click either on the folder or in free space inside the folder, this should give you the option to ‘Open command window here’ or click Start then Run, type “cmd.exe” without the quotes and then press “Enter” to open Command Prompt. Now brose to the folder where your contacts are stored.

Type “copy /B *.vcf MyContacts.vcf” and then press “Enter.” You can change MyContacts to anything that makes sense to you.

Getting your VCF into Gmail

Login to your Gmail account and browse to your contacts, you can see how by clicking here.

Now click the ‘More’ button and select ‘Import’, then click ‘Choose File’ and brose for your merged VCF and click ‘Import’.

Once you are done importing you’ll want to cleanup your duplicates.

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