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SugarSync! SugarSync

My letter to SugarSync after they changed their policy and cancelled my account without ensuring I was notified. SugarSync is now a swearword in my vocabulary. I originally titled this post “Up Your’s SugarSync” then I decided SugarSync was a new swearword so it becamse “SugarSync SugarSync”.

Hi there

A friend, who I got on to SugarSync, asked me today what to do about their account being cancelled in 7 days time.

This was the first I had heard about SugarSync migrating to a paid only service. I decided to login to my account only to find that it is already deleted. Great service SugarSync, in my opinion your migration has been a dismal failure and hence I will in future recommend people avoid SugarSync.

Good luck with screwing over your other free users. Your policy may work in the US where a paid option is “cheap” in the rest of the world where “free” is the only real option you’ve poked yourselves in the eye. As someone who recommended SugarSync above all others, to anyone who asked, I feel like a complete twit.

Thanks, Grant

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