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Whirlpool AWZ 410-1000 drive belt

It turns out that the belt supplied to me by Tecsa, agents for Whirlpool JHB, was incorrectly labelled at the manufacturers, Optibelt, and was too short for refitment on my washing machine. Cost of belt R400 incl. Whirlpool did not give me a solution to this problem, maintained that the part was correct as supplied, and left it at that. I had to troubleshoot the problem myself and searched for another supplier.

I found a replacement TPP belt at Belting Supply Services, PMB, for a cost of R90 incl.

How does a corporate institution and their agents justify a 4.4 x cost of the purchase price of a part supplied by an industry supplier?

I was not satisfied with the response you received from Whirlpool saying that the belt supplied is correct, and left me without a solution for fitting the belt or supplying something that will fit. I have attached pictures of what my issue is with the belt supplied.
In the pictures attached, 8669 and 8670 show the motor adjustment range that I have for installing the belt.
Picture 8673 shows the new belt in position, the motor adjusted to minimum adjustment, and the belt is about 30 mm away from the motor pulley.
Picture 8674 and 8675 show the old belt loose and touching the motor pinion, and then installed on the motor pinion, with the motor at minimum adjustment.
Picture 8676 and 8677 show me measuring the required belt length with a piece of string wrapped around the drum pulley and motor pinion, in both the maximum and minimum motor positions. The string length measured is 1210 mm in the minimum position, and 1230 mm in the maximum position. This corresponds to the the 1220 labelled on the new belt.
I measured the length of the old belt and it measured 1180 mm.
I measured the length of the new belt you supplied and it measured 1160 mm. Is the new belt too short?
The old belt is damaged and fits the motor at the minimum adjustment. There is still the whole adjustment range to maximum position available. Even the old belt seems short, yet being 20 mm longer than the new belt, it can fit no problem.
I will have to stretch the new belt a large amount to make it fit the pulleys. This does not seem correct, and will load the motor and pulley bearings.
Since I do not have a solution from your supplier after a couple of weeks of you corresponding with them, I will return the belt for a full refund early next week.

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