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WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme Tweaking

Like the look of the new WordPress twenty fourteen theme and want to start tweaking it for your required application.

Take the 2014 theme to the next level through the use of plugins or for the more technically inclined, through creating your own child theme.

Firstly you can see it in action here

The theme comes with the new WordPress 3.8 release or you can grab a copy here

Good info on customizing your Twenty Fourteen install here & on the WordPress Codex here

Some more theme info here

Theme Tweaking CSS Tips here – this will help guide you in how to make modifications to CSS and your site and here

Customization Plugins

Here are a few plugins that will assist you to make changes without needing to install a child theme.

Fourteen Colors – will help you change your coluor scheme

Fourteen Extended – allows you to reconfigure things like sidebar location, site centering etc without any coding.

Quick Specs (measurements in pixels)

  • The header image size is 1260 wide and 240 high.
  •  The main column width is 474.
  • Featured images work best with images that are least 1038 wide.
  • The primary sidebar (left) width is 162.
  • The secondary “content” sidebar (right) width is 306.
  • Widgets in the footer widget area are 255 wide.
  • Single image pages are full-width and 810 wide.
  • Uses 2 custom media sizes:
    • 672x372px for post thumbnail image size
    • and 1038x576px for ‘twentyfourteen-full-width’ custom image size

1 thought on “WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme Tweaking”

  1. Thanks for the link 🙂 When using the Twenty Fourteen theme @ Gadgetised.com , we also opt for the Fourteen Colors plug in. It works great for a quick color scheme change. Not to mention, the CSS tips we posted that you have linked to in this post really made the difference when it came to making the Twenty Fourteen theme look a little more professional.

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