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Affordable & Simple Business Cards

Here is an affordable and simplistic solution for low volume business card printing.
Credit Cards are roughly 86x54mm.
This system is ideal for printing low volumes or for proofing (seeing how your business cards will turn out, create multiple options, print and decide). A standard Jumbo sized photo print is 6×4″ or 152x102mm & an H-print 7×4″ or 178x102mm. Lay out your card 51x89mm in a vector based drawing program or photo editing software, save the file in high-quality JPG to a flash drive, CD, DVD or you can even e-mail it directly to your local photographic print shop.

Now when you need cards you can go to any Photographic shop and print some more. Make sure when you lay your card up that you don’t have different colours next to each other or when you cut your cards you might end up with an ugly line down the side of your card. In the picture, you can see that I’ve rotated the cards on the one side to get the orange base’s together. H-print is perfect for 4 cards and should cost roughly R5.50 in gloss or matt.

H-print needs to be printed on the bigger photo printing equipment and so needs to be handed in and can usually be collected an hour later. Jumbo will fit 3 cards for roughly R4.50 and is usually only available in gloss if you’re doing a quick print. Simply follow the instruction on the machine and within 5 minutes you will have more business cards. Have fun playing with and creating your own Business Cards.

CorelDRAW! Template v12 – use this one first if you can

Adobe Illustrator v7 Template

Pietermaritzburg Contacts

Postnet Victoria Square

Their pricing for Jumbo prints (as of 19th February 2016), H-prints no longer available

1-20 – R4.50 – R1.50 per card

FotoFirst Midlands Mall

Their pricing for Jumbo prints (as of 19th February 2016), H-prints no longer available

1-20 – R5.95 – R2.00 per card

This includes cutting. Want a more standard card then go to L.T. Printers, 033-342 2301 Single-sided matt or gloss print onto 300gsm board (Very Old Price)

  • 100 – R290 – R2.90
  • 200 – R360 – R1.80
  • 500 – R470 – R0.94

I do logo design and business card layout.

Brilliant Business Card Design & Inspiration


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