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Air Jump Start NOCO Genius GB40 BOOST

It’ll do the job but it ain’t exactly what the marketing says. As Ave says “The wank is strong with these ones.”

R2950 or more, for what?

1000A – Yeah right! 250A if you’re lucky. 1/4 of the advertised, should be a quarter of the price.

I came across this video on youtube doing a proper teardown of the NOCO Genius GB40 BOOST. Too many video’s of this product are from people who got given it to review i.e. they are biased.

Here’s another one from a South African dude in Cape Town.

Marketing speak, Noco Genius, are they trying to imply you are a Genius for buying their crap or that they are Genius for being able to sell less for more.

In South Africa it is a heap of cash for not much. They certainly can’t live up to the hype.

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