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Installing Pastel Partner 11 Workgroup 5 User Licence to Windows Home Server 2011

I recently setup a home server (HP Proliant Microserver) for my sister-in-laws small accounting business, that she runs from home. This tutorial is for a Workgroup installation (server and multiple PC’s accessing the server) of Pastel Partner 11.2.1. [These instructions should work for whatever version of Windows you are using for your ‘server’ setup.]

Please let me know if anything is unclear, I put this together in a rush after the fact and I may have inadvertently left steps out.

Pastel can be endlessly frustrating to install and configure on a network, so I thought I’d share how, especially so that the next time I have to do it, I have a roadmap.

You will need to install the following to each PC

  • Appropriate version of Pervasive SQL – in this case Workgroup 32bit v10.13 for PC’s and for the server (version number must be identical across PC’s) [I could have done a standard install from the DVD but that installs version 9.6 and I saw online on the Pervasive site that this was discontinued so decided to use version 10 instead]
  • Pastel Partner 11.2.1
I suggest installing to the server first if at all possible so that you can streamline the process.

Server Installation

So I installed Pervasive Workgroup 32bit v10.13 to the server, then installed Pastel Partner 11, I then opened Pastel and registered online as Server with no issues.

Server Data Folder Sharing

Then on the server, I shared the c:\pastel11 folder so that I could access the registration folder and file on each of the client PC’s.

PC 1 – Windows XP Pro SP3 – 32bit

Installed Pervasive Workgroup 32bit v10.13
Installed Pastel Partner 11.2.1

Opened Pastel and registered as Workstation by pointing to the p:\custom\registration folder [do this for each subsequent pc, until your licenses run out]

If you are having problems with registration and your ‘OK’ button is greyed out, that is most likely due to folder permissions on the server and for the user you are working with.

PC 2 – WINDOWS Vista Business SP2 – 32bit

Installed Pervasive Workgroup 32bit v10.13
Installed Pastel Partner 11.2.1

PC 3 – WINDOWS 7 Professional SP1 – 64bit

Installed Pervasive Workgroup 32bit v10.13
Installed Pastel Partner 11.2.1

On all PC’s, I mapped the network folder to “p:” for \\your-server-name\Pastel11

Gateway Locator – Setting up a Gateway

The Gateway is the PC which controls the transfer of the Pastel data over and across your network’

  • Firstly stop all the Pervasive Workgroup engines on all server’s and PC’s [can be found in the lower right corner of your screen, right-click and select ‘stop engine’]
  • Search for *.loc files on each PC locally and delete every ~pvsw~.loc file that is found
  • Go to the server that is going to be the gateway, go to Start>Programs>Pervasive>Utilities>Gateway locator
  • In the Target directory Option select the share for the Pastel data (not the data itself just the root directory)
  • Click OK
  • Then go to the Change button at the bottom, click change
  • Select the option Assign a Gateway
  • The computer name that you are currently working on should appear
  • Click on OK and then Refresh
  • That will ensure that whenever any machine tries to access the shared data folder that it will read the ~pvsw~.loc file which will tell the Pervasive Engine which machine to use as the Gateway.

– This will ensure that whenever any machine tries to access the shared data folder that it will read the ~pvsw~.loc file which will tell the Pervasive Engine which machine to use as the Gateway

NOTE: Make sure the server has a UPS so that it doesn’t shut down otherwise you might need to re-setup the gateway after a power failure.

Now open Partner, click “Help”, “Register Your Package”, select “Workstation Registration” and point to the p:\Custom\Registration folder, click next and follow the onscreen instructions.

You’ll then need to setup your company or companies by clicking open and then manage, then adding the companies by finding the folder each company is located in.

With a little luck, you should now be setup to get on with some work.

There is an update of Pastel Partner version 11.2.2 which I don’t recommend you install unless you are having problems. I’ve found 11.2.1 is a stable version and a more common version, so no conversions necessary.

12 thoughts on “Installing Pastel Partner 11 Workgroup 5 User Licence to Windows Home Server 2011”

  1. I have followed you steps, but when I try to register my client PC (p:\Custom\Registration folder) it tells me that the server is not registered. my server PC that holds pastel is working with no problems. I have a multi company with 2 users licence.

  2. hi i am getting mapping on my computer but not showing in pastel partner 2009 version 10.2.4
    whts the problemcan be n solution

  3. Hi Roshun, more information would really be helpful for me to form a clear picture of what you are trying to do and what you have done.
    Did you share the Pastel folder from your ‘server’ and then map it? Depending on your OS, not all mappings are re-instated on boot. You need to force the viewing of the map before other software can see the mapped drive. That is, view P: in windows explorer before opening Pastel and trying to register it.

  4. Hi, on there website it states that you need a min of Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition
    Service Pack 2 or later to be able to use the pastel on a server is that true or would a normal version work?

  5. Hi Riaan, I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to …
    Pastel Partner does not need a ‘server, running server software’, it can use any PC on your network as a ‘server’, server just refer’s to the fact that the data is coming from aka served from a single computer on the network. All you need is a licensed copy of Pastel with multiple-users activated.
    If you give me more info on what you are trying to setup, I’ll be able to customise my response.

  6. Hi Grant,
    I would like to know more about pastel and the whole “server” thing, because I’m an IT technician for multiple companies and one of them has their own accounting department and another one is an accounting company (they use pastel partner 12).
    The reason I’m asking, is because one of the accountants demanded a “pastel server” to be set up, and because I didn’t know much about pastel I just did what they asked and put together a powerful i5 pc with loads of ram and data space… After the whole install it came to my attention that it’s all about the shared folder and mapping it on the client PCs.
    Is it possible to just get a NAS drive and set up the shares specified for the pastel share folder? Or is there more involved than just a simple data share?
    Because looking at it now, this PC that the accountant demanded only does data sharing and it cost about 14k, but a simple 3TB NAS drive only cost about 2.5k and has way less hassles.

  7. Hi Mr Ninja
    Your correct, most of what the “server” does is act as a data repository. Unfortunately the other aspect is that the server maintains your primary license and your clients to pull their licenses from it. So a NAS won’t do unfortunately unless it can run Pastel. There is probably a workaround to get pastel running on a NAS but because Pastel can be notoriously finicky setting up a “baby” server is not a big deal.
    As you say your, 14K machine is overkill. The HP Microserver’s I use are perfect for the job for probably up to 10 clients. It will handle PC backup too which is useful. Anything else …?

  8. When trying to install a new machine with Pastel 11,2 I get an error : you have entered the registration code incorrectly. Please try again This should be taken from the server and all mappings are correct. Other computers just registered without any hassles Using Win 7. thanks

  9. Hi Anthony
    How many licenses and machines do you have? Remember the server takes a license as well as each subsequent PC. I’m presuming you’re browsing to the server’s \Custom\Registration folder.
    Also make sure that you have the same version of Pervasive across all machines.

  10. Hi. There is on computer when we open the detailed ledger in the customer section and whant to for excample open invoice I33395, it open a document but totally a different invoice number for example I33485. When going into the same user on a different computer it displays the correct info. Please help?

  11. Hi Grant,
    I just wanted to ask. My scenario – 5 Users + Server over LAN. Too many PC’s have been issued licenses on our system. PC’s that have already been scrapped. There are currently 4 users but when I want to register the 5th user pastel tells me that I have exceeded license limit. Is there any way to remove one of the licenses to register this pc?

  12. Hi Raymond, do you have access to pastel support? I usually call in explain that I’ve installed Pastel to a new machine and they supply an activation key. Not sure how you do this without support. Please let me know if you figure it out. If stuck drop me a mail and I’ll see what I can do.

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