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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini i9190, CyanogenMod Upgrade

If you can’t automatically upgrade your CyanogenMod install then you most likely have lost root access.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to wipe the cache when upgrading between CM-13.0 versions. You only need to wipe if you are doing a major upgrade, switching to a different ROM entirely, or attempting to fix bugs caused by bad backups or corrupt app data.

Root the S4 Mini i9190 using Odin to install TWRP

  1. Turn your phone off
  2. Press & hold Power + Volume Down + Home buttons
  3. Connect your USB cable and press Volume Up button to confirm that you want to enter into the download mode
  4. Start Odin, uncheck F. Reset Time, and then click the AP button
  5. Select the recovery.tar.md5 file that you extracted and press the Start button. The phone will reboot when finished, be ready for the next step
  6. When the phone begins to vibrate just before rebooting, press and hold Volume Up + Home buttons to boot straightly into your new recovery.
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions to allow TWRP to root your phone

Upgrading CyanogenMod to the latest build

You should have Developer Option enabled and Root access

Enabling Android Developer Options

Go to Settings and the About phone, now tap Build number 7 times.

Enabling App Root Access

Go to Settings and click Developer options, then find Root access and select Apps only

Now you can go to Settings, About phone and select CyanogenMod updates, click the latest update and download, install once downloaded

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