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Utilising the 13th Period in Pastel Xpress & Partner for Year End

Please excuse any poor terminology, I’m not an accountant or bookkeeper, just a tech geek. Suggestions/corrections are welcome.

Making use of the 13th Period

Only works if you have Pastel in “Multi-Period” mode.

Use the 13th period to give you time to complete any outstanding transactions before finalising your year-end, to help you minimise having to duplicate transactions and correct errors due to entering data into rolled over set of books.

  • Period 13 can become period 1 of your new financial year
  • Will allow you to continue your normal day-to-day processing without the pressure of completing your year end on the last day of the financial year.
  • After the year end has been completed, any transactions processed in period 13 will automatically be ‘moved’ to period 1 of the new financial year.
  • The previous financial year will reflect only 12 periods.

Possible Issues

If you make use of this option, you must ensure you are aware of what the last period is. If your last period, is period 12 and not 13, when you roll-over, period 12 will become period 1 of the following year, rather than period 13.

Here are Pastel’s Year-End instructions and FAQ for 2016

As well as the Backup and Restore Process on Sage Pastel V14

Completing Year-End

It will be simplest if you run the year-end from the PC where your Pastel data is stored.

Backup locally before thinking about year end

Make a complete company backup to the PC with Pastel on it as well as to an external device, that way if you have any problems, it will fastest to restore from a local backup. Do you run IronTree, it still makes sense to make a local backup as it will be much quicker to restore from a local backup than over your internet connection, especially if you have a large Pastel folder.

Inventory Count

You will need to complete your inventory count before your year end is processed.

Open Batches need to be closed

You’ll need to close any open batches before Pastel will allow you to proceed with a year end.

Go to View>Open Batches to see if any batches are still open.

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