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Proof of payment – Malware

This malware is doing the rounds at the moment, I received it twice today. User error is the primary cause of Malware infection. Please do not open anything you are not 100% sure of.

Please notice the clues that this is a scam,

  • unsolicited, i.e. you know nothing about the mail before it arrives
  • Poor English and punctuation 

Mail Title/Subject

Proof of payment

Mail Body

Good day, 
kindly find attach the proof of payment made for the purchase order which i requested to be ordered to my office in Cape town. Please kindly advise on the expected date of delivery of the goods so i can complete the balance payment.




Under no circumstances should you open any attachment on an email unless you know for certain who it came from and you knew the mail was due and the attachment is mentioned in the body. If in any doubt, don’t open.

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