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A nice and fast way to get a bunch of essential software on your PC without much effort. Start it and forget.

Click here this is the list of standard software that I install. To change the selection click “Change Apps” and make your own selection.

Apps include: .NET 4.7.2, Adobe Air, Google Chrome, Google Backup and Sync, Google Earth, Java,  Malwarebytes, Adobe Shockwave, Microsoft Silverlight, TeamViewer 13, VLC, WinDirStat, WinRAR

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adblocking Browser Extension

Machine specific resources

  • F2 BIOS settings
  • Dell Command | Update [DCU] – NOTE: This application is compatible with Latitude E-Series, OptiPlex Desktops 745 and newer, Precision Workstations 390 and newer, Precision Mobile M2400 and newer and Venue Pro tablets.
  • Dell Update – is supported by some Dell’s: Dell Inspiron, Dell Vostro, Dell XPS, Dell Alienware
  • Dell SupportAssist

When doing a clean install of Windows, I have the latest version of Windows 10 on a flash drive. I usually clean any old partitions off the PC and let Windows take care of the setup.

I like to make sure the hard drive is setup using AHCI, you can do this after installing Windows 10 by triggering a boot into Safe Mode and then changing the BIOS to AHCI, the drivers will load once you go into Safe Mode and then you can reboot and all is good.

I also set up the BIOS to use UEFI boot rather than legacy.

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Force Install Latest Windows 10 Update

You can also find the Media Creation Tool here which will allow you to download and create a bootable DVD or flash disk for installing Windows 10’s latest version.

Assistive Technologies Windows 10 Upgrade

Choose & Install Manually – Download Pages

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