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Initial PC setup – some of the steps I perform when setting up a PC for the first time


My preferred software installer and software maintenance tool. Get it from patchmypc.com


A nice and fast way to get a bunch of essential software on your PC without much effort. Start it and forget.

Click here this is the list of standard software that I install. To change the selection click “Change Apps” and make your own selection.

Apps include: .NET 4.7.2, Adobe Air, Google Chrome, Google Backup and Sync, Google Earth, Java,  Malwarebytes, Adobe Shockwave, Microsoft Silverlight, TeamViewer 13, VLC, WinDirStat, WinRAR

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adblocking Browser Extension

  • Available for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox & Opera – I set Chrome as my default browser
  • https://getadblock.com/

Machine specific resources


  • F2 BIOS settings
  • Dell Command | Update [DCU] – NOTE: This application is compatible with Latitude E-Series, OptiPlex Desktops 745 and newer, Precision Workstations 390 and newer, Precision Mobile M2400 and newer and Venue Pro tablets.
  • Dell Update – is supported by some Dell’s: Dell Inspiron, Dell Vostro, Dell XPS, Dell Alienware
  • Dell SupportAssist



When doing a clean install of Windows, I have the latest version of Windows 10 on a flash drive. I usually clean any old partitions off the PC and let Windows take care of the setup.

I like to make sure the hard drive is setup using AHCI, you can do this after installing Windows 10 by triggering a boot into Safe Mode and then changing the BIOS to AHCI, the drivers will load once you go into Safe Mode and then you can reboot and all is good.

I also set up the BIOS to use UEFI boot rather than legacy.

Currency to R . , 

Force Install Latest Windows 10 Update

You can also find the Media Creation Tool here which will allow you to download and create a bootable DVD or flash disk for installing Windows 10’s latest version.


Assistive Technologies Windows 10 Upgrade


Choose & Install Manually – Download Pages

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